Cows Are The Most Dangerous Farm Animals

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According to the HSE, the Health and Safety Executive, the most deadliest large animals in Britain are cattle, yes Cattle! It is not dogs or badgers or even rats, but cattle.

Results were conducted from the last 20 years and it emerged that over the last 15 years there has been over 70 deaths records involving cattle. Out of those 70+ recordings, 18 were fatal accidents that involved the public and 56 incidents were accounted in the farm.

From the 18 fatal accidents, these were people walking in the public paths and the cattle breaking out. Many of the fatalities were people walking their dogs and being trampled on by a heard of cows, 1 causality was a man that was in the wrong place and the wrong time.

Incidents involving these cows range from cattle, who produce milk, to cows who are made for beef. In total 56 farm cows killed workers, and cows killed 18 general public people. The next animal that caused the most deaths were dogs, there were in total 17 deaths caused by dogs, between the years 2005 – 2013. As a result of these figures farmers are being educated to keep cattle away from public paths, as they are a hazard to the general public.

Cows generally graze in herds; if one cow sees a danger and stampedes they all follow to protect that one cow against the danger. They are territorial animals that do not like their close land being used by other people, hence the high amount of deaths for the general public.

A 62 year old from Cornwall had an incident with a heard of cows and reportedly died. Walking with his 2 dogs and his wife, they were caught in a stampede of cattle in Derby. In the same day in the same area another man had injuries as a heard of cows ignored his dogs but charged towards him.

So if a cow does charge towards you, what would you do? Would you stay calm and stand there? Or would you run? If you are in this scenario do not panic, slowly and steady walk away from the pack of cows with you front towards them. When the cows realise you are not a threat to them or their cattle they will ignore you.

If you are with your dog, just leave the dogs lead, as your dog will outrun the cattle and just look after yourself. Most people are dog walkers and usually look after their dog when looking to outrun the cattle and this is a big no no, dogs will look after themselves, and you should look after yourself.

The countryside code in the UK states that, by law all dogs should be kept under strict supervision when in the countryside. Therefore it is your responsibility that they do not scare cattle, bulls or other farm animals. It is important to keep your dog on a lead at all times as you do not know when they will have a change of heart and just run towards the animals. By law farmers can destroy dogs that injure their livestock, so always be sure to keep them on a leash, so that everyone is happy.

By law, all dogs’ mess should be cleaned up, if it is in a public place. The mess can be infectious and if consumed by another animal this could endanger the livestock of farmers or other animals. Therefore always keep a spare plastic bag with you at all times. From December 2015, all dog walkers in Britain will have to carry a couple of plastic bags with them, as the government are looking to stop irresponsible dog owners leaving dog foul lieing around without cleaning. Dog walkers could now be fined up to £1000 on the spot fines.

Below is a video of cows attacking people in the U.K, as you can see they are very dangerous animals who should not be messed with or touched, in the wild.

Morrisons Milk gives farmers a fair price

Over the years us farmers have been urging the government to keep a tabs on the prices us farmers receive for the milk we offer the supermarkets as more and more of us as going out of business because of unfair pricing for supermarkets. In 2005 there was an outcry in the farming industry, farmers were receiving the lowest rate for their milk and this caused a huge roar from the farmers, supermarkets were giving us money for milk and we want even breaking-even we were losing money! Many of my good farmer friends who used to have cattle farms went out of business and lost everything, they were practically left without a job. Thankfully JEbuckle was not affected much.


Us farmers have to take the stick for a lot of things. We have been left out of business over many years because of plagues that hit our fields, or diseases such as the food and mouth or mad cows disease where people had to kill almost their entire animal stock, yet we still survived. The latest thing to hit us is pricing of milk for the milk we produce, for many years us farmers have been given low prices for the milk our cattle produce even in some cases making a loss. But not anymore, Morrison’s is the first British supermarket that are recognising the work us farmers have to do to produce milk and give us a a premium for our milk produced.

The community stood together during this time and we told supermarkets they cannot bully us around and we started to cut supply’s to show them they don’t have the power to bully us and they listened. Now supermarkets are offering us a fairer price, however Morrison’s the giant supermarket have gone the extra mile and have launched their very own Morrison’s farm milk that gives us farmers a much higher price.

In August 2015 the giant was criticised by farmers for not offering a higher price on their milk compared to other supermarkets and so now finally, November 2015, they will be launching their new milk line. The standard 4 pint milk will cost 89p, whereas Morrison’s milk for farmers will be sold for £1.12, where 34p will go back to the farmer for their hard work. A much fairer price which should be set by all supermarkets if you ask me.

This new introduction in pricing has had mixed reviews from the public. Many of them have backed the pricing saying that the prices should be at this price and farmers should receive a royalty for their milk, whereas many people have said working house family’s that easily consume 4 pints of milk a day will be hit the most, as with a person purchasing 7 gallons of 4 pints a week that works out to be roughly £2.20 increase in milk price a week. I myself am totally in favour with this new pricing, we are finally being recognised for our hard work and I believe this is a fair price for us.

Process how to milk a cow:

Milking a cow is a hard process, there are so much things to take into consideration when looking afters cows. For example you must feed cows 3 times a day, they have vaccine injection 3 times in a year, and they need looking after and grooming and much more. The costs looking after cattle is not cheap trust me! I have over 100 cattle myself that I look after and they require at least a full-time worker helping out. The process to milk a cow is not simple as well.

The first step to get rich milk is to have a cow that is well fed, a cow that is given food 3 times a day and given plenty of clear milk, as like humans 87% of their body is made up of water. The bigger the cow the more food it takes, for example in my farm our cows weigh in at 1500 pounds and that means almost 3 pounds of hay every day. Take that into mine hay does not weigh much and getting 3 pounds of hay can be very costly.

The rules to milking are simple; make the cow feel comfortable, tie her down in a secure manner so she doesn’t kick or run and then place the milker on the udders gently and begin milking. This process usually lasts for 30 mins as a cow does not instantly produce milk, it takes a while for milk to come out so be patient. Once milked always de-sterilise the milks udders as they don’t want bacteria getting in touch as this can cause the cow dis-comfort.

As you can see milking is a long, costly process, we haven’t even talked about packaging and transporting the milk to supermarkets that takes up a lot of the profits. As you can see we deserve to receive fair pricing and finally we are being recognised for our hard work.

The video below goes into great details how the milking process it, it shows the step by step chain that takes when the milking process is taken. From starting the milking process, using a plastic trough from, to using  machinery to transport the milk to the supermarkets and shops. this video is the in eyes of a child who wants to become a farmer when she grows up.

It is great seeing young kids getting stuck in and interested in farming, I hope we would see more farming taught in schools and maybe even a university degree in farming as Britain is 80% farm land, we must teach the younger generation the techniques. Watch this video now and be sure to share with your friends and family as it is very interesting.